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About CMNet
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 About CMNet

The CMNet Soluções em Informática e Agência de Viagens e Turismo Ltda is leadership in Latin America about hotels information, having a client list with more than 1000 client. Their corporative systems is 100% integrated, including everything inside of housekeeping industry. It has all the part of Front-office (Reservations, Reception, Cash, Government etc...), Points of Sale (Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, etc..), Telephony Station, Events System, several Interfaces (Electronic key, Check-out on-screen, Video on-demand, Electronic Command for POS, ETF, etc...), everything referring to Back-office (Planning and Budget, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Fixed Asset, etc..) and Human Resources with Payroll.

There is no area of the hotel that is not contemplated on the Housekeeping Solution of CMNet Soluções.

The service CMNet was released 10 years ago, by CMNet Soluções, with the purpose in becoming reference at the distribution market, for sales of hotels reservations. It started making the interconnection between reservations and offices centers with hotels, allowing all the managing, data sending (rates, contracts, availability, etc...) and reservations receipt occur automatically.

After two years of searching with new technologies (.NET, Java with J2EE and web services ¿ XML and SOAP), analysis, developments and tests, the new CMNet version is released, in January 19th, 2004, that revolutionized the hotels reservations distribution market.

The system has the responsibility in keeping an unique data base for all the types of distribution, making possible the support for the increasing of receipts and diminishing of costs.

The service CMNet is 100% integrated to front-office of CMNet Soluções and it is totally adherent to standards of HEDNA. The system has availability of an extensive list of information about the hotel, allowing to have availability of all the characteristics, services and sales of the same one. Moreover, it allows an ample set of daily rates prices administration, being negotiated rates, allotments and packages, making available all the structure of revenue management. Besides, the several policies of the hotel (or  network) can be correctly informed. All this to allow the hotel or network works with a efficient way on the concept B2B and B2C.

All the distribution channels can be available on the service CMNet.

Some of their characteristics and integrations:

GDS (Global Distribution System): Uses the structure and data base of CMNet to execute reservations on the hotels associated to CMNet, serving to travel agencies. The CMNet is integrated to GDS. Nowadays, the CM has a partnership with Sabre.

Internet, B2C: Reservations generated through the site of CMNet through their domains (,,,,,,,, etc) or through the partners that have their support for housekeeping reservations on CMNet. Both of cases are possible that any person executes guaranteed reservations with confirmation in current time.

Site of thirds: The CMNet is preparing to establish partnership with sites of thirds like: Tourist Site , Cities Site, Hotels and Tourist Guide, etc, making possible to be available the reservations service of CMNet in these sites.

Internet, (Powered by CMNet), B2C and B2B: has availability of reservations service on-line inside of the hotel site or housekeeping network site, allowing their clients (who will be identified with a password) execute their reservations with confirmation in current time and in their agreed negotiated rate.

Corporate: This service is directed to agencies and companies, allowing them have a specified place, which they can execute reservations with base in their agreed rates. The CMNet still offers a variety of specified managing and statistics reports about sales, employees and production, making faster the work of agencies and companies.

RESHV-Web: The hotels networks usually rely a call center through one 0800 or 0300 for receive reservations. The independent hotels have reservations office in other cities. The RESHV-Web makes possible the hotels network or the hotel assemble a call center with fastness, just having a micro with access to Internet.

Access through device with no cable: The CMNet allows the people in general can execute, consul and modify reservations through their cell phones. Beside, they can access their travels route, all this in their hands, in any time and in any place.